Dead Wood Dead Good – Saturday 23rd September 10 – 12 noon

Posted by Calum Tomeny. Date: September 10, 2023.

We have another Citizen Science event coming up on Saturday 23rd September 10am – 12noon, meeting at the Victoria Road Gates.

Dead Wood Dead Good will be an easy walk around the park looking at some of its dead and decaying wood. Much, much more interesting than it sounds!

Dead wood tends to arouse the same feelings as unmown grass. It looks a mess, do something! But it provides shelter and nutrients for a vast array of wildlife and acts as a carbon storage system. We’ll be looking at some of the plants and animals living on it.

The walk will be lead by Alex Patterson, Senior Project Officer with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and is suitable for all ages.

There is a DWDG booklet on the TCV website which can be printed off. For this particular session the Survey Booklet and Field Guide are all that’s needed. Friends will also have copies available in case folk can’t easily access a printer.

Hope to see you Saturday.

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