An Introduction to Citizen Science – Thursday, 31st August, 6:30 PM

Posted by Calum Tomeny. Date: August 25, 2023.

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and Friends of Queen’s Park are holding AN INTRODUCTION TO CITIZEN SCIENCE on THURSDAY 31st AUGUST, 6.30PM. meeting at the SMALL POND. 

This will be a ‘how to’ session – identifying wildlife species; collecting and recording data. 

Wildlife guidebooks will be available.

We’ll be studying and observing at ground level so please bring something to sit or kneel on.

Places are limited so please contact if you wish to attend.

Friends are hoping over time to set up a number of Citizen Science projects to survey and record plant and animal life in the park – what’s living there, is it thriving or barely surviving? We would hope with the information we gather to advocate for nature in the park and improve bio-diversity. And add to local, national and even international wildlife databases.

Citizen Science may range from general biological recording using a specialist app on a smartphone, to monitoring specific species, to surveying particular limited territory. Something in other words to suit everyone. Citizen Science is becoming increasingly important  in observing and understanding what is happening to our environment as the climate changes.  It can also bring enormous benefits to those who take part – increased awareness of the natural world; improved well-being; a sense of purpose.

Friends are pretty excited by this move into Citizen Science and hope some of you may want to play a part.

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