Big Pond – New Arrivals

Posted by Calum Tomeny. Date: August 21, 2023.

FoQP are delighted to see that there are some new cute and colourful arrivals to the Queen’s Park big pond! This week the pair of coots now nesting at the base of the sculpture revealed three new young! Two flamed-haired cootlings could be seen off the nest speeding after mum coot for food, whilst a younger newly hatched sibling was being attended to by dad coot on the nest. The parents are already defending their babies from the predatory gulls that are surrounding them. We hope their cootlings thrive and are looking forward to seeing them all off the nest soon. We will post updates on their progress. Photos: ©AlisonJCBrown.

Two new cootlings spotted.
Dad coot's attentiveness reveals a new hatchling on the nest.
An opportunistic predator stealthily advances.

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