Queen’s Park Community Consultation

Posted by Calum Tomeny. Date: August 26, 2023.

Queen’s Park Working Group, a community and Council partnership, has secured Area Partnership funding to undertake a community consultation as an essential input to developing ideas of how to improve Queen’s Park & Recreation Ground.

As a result, we are very keen to find out your views about the park, including suggestions as to how it could potentially be improved in the future.  We would be most grateful if you were able to contribute to this consultation,  by completing the short questionnaire and /or contacting us directly by email. The questionnaire can be accessed via the link below,  or by scanning the QR code. Paper copies will also be made available.

We are also particularly keen to ensure that the consultation reaches as many people as possible, and therefore would be delighted if you were able to share this information with any groups or individuals that you think may be interested. We would welcome the sharing of the on-line questionnaire on social media, if you wish to do so.  We have also attached a poster that can be displayed or circulated if that is of interest to you.

Many thanks in advance

The questionnaire can be accessed via the link below or you can scan the QR code:   


Paper copies of the questionnaire will be available at South Seeds, at the Queen’s Park end of Victoria Road from August 31st , or by email glasgow@ironsidefarrar.com

We look forward to receiving any comments you may have.

One thought on “Queen’s Park Community Consultation

  1. Good evening,

    I know this comment is too late, but on the off chance anything is taken forward re new playpark I just wanted to mention that the current ‘toddler/small kids’ park by the flagpole really needs a climbing frame access suitable for small children (ie steps) as under 3’s can’t currently climb the frame independently using the steep ramp and hoop ladder, which is very frustrating for them. It’s a toddler climbing frame with an older kids access.

    Kind regards

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