Wildlife Walk – Coots, Moorhens, Ducks in the spotlight

Posted by Calum Tomeny. Date: August 11, 2023.

A lively group of nature enthusiasts joined us in spotting Queen’s Park wild-life last night.  FoQP volunteer Alison inspired us with informed insights into the power struggles of coots and moorhen’s family life!  She led an interesting walk round the two ponds explaining about the bird’s breeding, eating and sleeping habits. We then moved on to enjoy the colourful sight of a variety of blue-tits, great-tits, chiffchaff, and dunnock.  

Unfortunately, the bats didn’t honour us with their presence, but we’ll be back out to catch them on a later Wild-Life Walk.

Alison then took us through the iNaturalist app, an easy way to capture, identify and document plant and wildlife.


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